Turbo Flex Sprayer

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     This Faucet Nozzle adopts multi-layer plating process, pure copper joint and ABS stainless steel valve body with chrome plated.It is easy to install and durable, which complies with the standard of inside and outside threaded faucets.Its 360 degree rotation function can clean any blind angle of the sink. And it can be bent and fixed according to your target angle.
  • Splash flower is aspersed two types of water, spray evenly

  • Flower is aspersed head can rotate 360 °, easy to adjust the Angle of shower water

  • Installed on the faucet, clean tableware, are fruits and vegetables, water tank, etc

  • Colour:as shown in the picture

  • Material:Stainless steel

  • Product Length: 16cm

  • Filter diameter: 5cm

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